Boldo Complex

Boldo complex derives from Boldo which is a shrub that grows natively in the mountains of South America, as well as parts of Italy and North Africa.

It has been used traditionally as a treatment for infections and ailments, specifically related to the genito-urinary system.

It is predominantly the bark and leaves of the plant that are processed to make medicinal products, the fruit of the Boldo plant being quite tasty and safe to eat.

Boldo complex has its roots in past

Various archaeological evidence supports the theory that Boldo was being used as a medicine as many as ten thousand years ago, so its usefulness is enduring as well as potent.

Boldo complex

Historically, it was used alongside Quinine to treat malaria. Boldo´s primary function has always been as a tonic for the liver and associated problems.

  • Fights with chronic diseases

Boldo extract stimulates the excretion of bile by the gallbladder, helping to purge it of unwanted substances, and treating both the cause and symptoms of illnesses such as hepatitis, jaundice and gallstones.

  • Helpful for digestion

Boldo also works to relax the muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract, reducing the risk of complications due to inflammation of the area, and promoting good digestion and general well-being.

It can help to relieve cramps, pains, spasms and flatulence, as well as other gastrointestinal problems.

It also has antibiotic, antiseptic properties which work in conjunction with its other beneficial effects, including that of a diuretic, to treat genito-urinary conditions such as syphilis, gonorrhea and cystitis, amongst others.

  • Effective for bones

The extract of the Boldo plant is also known to destroy gastrointestinal parasites such as worms, and as an anti-inflammatory agent may relieve the suffering of patients with deep tissue or bone problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and gout.

Boldo complex plays a role of pain killer

Scientists believe Boldo to have mild pain relieving and sedative qualities, which can work synergistically with its other health-giving roles, or independently as an effective painkiller or insomnia treatment.

Fever can be reduced by the application of Boldo complex, which contains agents that effectively inhibit the body´s natural inflammatory process.

Typically, a Boldo complex is taken internally, in capsule or liquid form, or as a powder added to supplement some other nutritional aspect.

It is often added to weight-loss formulas due to its positive digestive aspects and ability to promote smooth functioning of the liver and related processes.

What does it contain?

A Boldo complex may contain fringe tree or barberry in order to compliment its healing properties in the effective treatment of liver and gall bladder problems.

Boldo is known to have weak narcotic properties, and should not therefore be taken in excess, as possible side-effects may result.

Taken in moderation, however, it can maintain healthy digestive function and liver operation, while applied topically it is useful in fighting infections due to its strong antibacterial properties.

Some of the very many active components of a good Boldo complex include choline, camphor, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, terpenes and glucoside.

Intake tips

The typical recommended dose of Boldo complex is one capsule, twice a day. Taking Boldo at mealtimes will improve the rate of absorption of its key components and thereby improve the effectiveness and health benefits of the medication.

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